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Very often we need to develop brand new formulas to meet local market’s needs.
In other words, our product starts with different new ideas.

Once we have collected market intelligence, our highly experienced staff will apply their joint knowledge to create the products for the market and/or specialty channel we are required to focus on. The partnership we commit to with our local clients means that we will provide consultation to avoid costly mistakes and to ensure that all legal requirements for those products are met.

Raw Material Sourcing
Nothing more, the most important ingredient in our product is "quality". Therefore, Our Research and Development group will always source the highest quality material to use in all of our customer's products, without sacrificing the cost concern.
Once the proper raw materials are sourced, we receive all the technical information from selected suppliers. This information is necessary to ensure that the product formulation will meet the specifications we have collected from different segments. The necessary amounts of each are indicated on a per-formulation record. This is the record that we will use to calculate the cost.
Pilot Program
A pilot program will be conducted to prove both the credibility of the formula and the processing steps. This pilot program is also used for testing to ensure that the products contain the proper amounts and overages necessary to meet the product label claim.
Scale-up Production Batch
We will use initial production batches as trials. All of them are closely monitored, and even the slightest deviation will be documented and approved. Suggestions made during production are noted and reviewed to provide the Research and Development group feedback which may be used to modify future batches. All production batches are copies of a Master Record that has been signed and